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Timothy Milward

Adam & Eve Bronze Sculpture

£1,000.00 GBP

  • Bronze sculpture
  • Sterling silver apple
  • 3D scanned , digitally sculpted and 3D printed
  • Traditional investment casting and silversmithing
  • Bronze brown patina with polished highlights
  • Limited edition


About the piece

Adam & Eve was born from a love of digital sculpture and was the perfect subject for the genesis of Timothy Milward's first piece.

Created by 3D scanning real people and a snake, then digitally sculpted into the final design, before being 3D printed to prototype and again for the final master pattern.

The final 3D print was then moulded in pieces and hand cast in Birmingham's historic jewellery quarter, by 3rd generation casters using the same traditional investment casting techniques usually reserved for fine detailed jewellery.

After an initial polish, it was assembled by expert silversmiths with over 60 years experience in the trade, before receiving it's final polish.

The brown patina is then applied by hand and buffed for the final finish.

Huge thanks to:

Tim & Kartrina for posing for the 3D scan - and of course, Hazel the snake.

Nick and the team at A Wardle for their patience in casting and refining their techniques for larger pieces.

The Carter brothers for lending their experience to silversmithing and final assembly.

Alex for his beautiful patina.

And of course Neil for putting up with the endless emails, screenshots and expert cheerleading to get the finished design over the line!